Samosa a la carte – Any Takers!

Samosa a la carte – Any Takers!

Samosa a la carte – Any Takers!

Sivaranjini Rajendran


Explore a meal of samosas in New Delhi’s Chandni Chowk

Yummy, mouth-watering and tickling your taste buds, yes we are talking about the much renowned Punjabi tea time or rather any time snack aka Samosa. Despite it’s Punjabi tag, Samosas are famous all over India and transcend all age barriers when it comes to munching this crisp (exterior) and soft (inner stuffing) anytime snack – especially with the onset of monsoon.

From street side stalls to five star hotels, samosas are commonly stuffed with potato and onion fillings with a thick coating of flour which gives it a unique taste and goes great with any tangy sauce. But in India’s capital city, New Delhi, the humble samosa takes an altogether different hue and flavour vis-a-vis ‘Chocolate Samosa’, ‘Pizza Samosa’ and many more.

And if you are a die-hard samosa lover, then New Delhi is the spot to hit to savour this tea time delicacy in its various forms. This mouth-watering delicacy in its myriad forms is a star attraction in one of New Delhi’s busiest markets, Chandini Chowk. If indulging your bile in the monsoon is the plan, one can order from 40 varieties of samosas.

The ‘Chocolate Samosa’ – an external coating of thick chocolate with a healthy filling of cashewnuts and choco chips – is indeed very enticing. The ‘Pizza Samosa’ is loaded with cheese, a variety of vegetables including carrot, corn, capsicum and parsley. This ‘Pizza Samosa’ is indeed a treat for the eyes and the stomach.

Paneer lovers can take heart from the special ‘Paneer Tandoori Samosa’, which is stuffed with onion, capsicum, tandoori sauce and small pieces of paneer. One can really get spiced up when experiencing this delicacy. If you thought that was the end, you are in for a surprise as the ‘Samosa Menu’ list continues to include ‘Pasta Samosa’, ‘Malai Paneer Samosa’, ‘Chilli Potato Samosa’ and Tandoori Chaat Samosa’.

And the greatest part of all, you can top it off with a dessert samosa! Yes, you can order refrigerated and chilled ‘Pineapple Samosa’ or ‘Mango Samosa’. Come to think of it you can order an a la carte of samosas to make your monsoon day.

So time to make the beeline for lip-smacking ‘Samosa Day’!

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