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If you are on a trip to take a break from your daily life on the hustle and bustle of the city life then hit the western-ghats.
Losing oneself in the adorable beauty of the Palani hills and into the dense forest of Kodaikanal, Princess of hill stations.
The natural beauty of Kodaikanal is its waterfalls, lakes, flora, and fauna, the mesmerizing view of the Palani hills has made it the top for tourist. The blissful pleasant weather, Green Valley View or Dolphin’s nose which adds drama to the natural wonderland.
Nesting in the upper Palani hills of the Western Ghats, the misty hill-station with amazing scenic beauty, spectacular viewpoints, lakes, and waterfalls have made Kodaikanal one of the fascinating holiday destinations of South India.
Wilder camping’s, thrilled trek-kings, museums, floral gardens, waterfall, lakes, hilly roads, pine forest, roads twisty and turns, bicycling parallel to lakeside one has a lot to do in Kodaikanal. The warmth which drives down through the spine by the delightful view has to be experienced.
The natural Gift of striking beauty makes one feel stress-free calm and furnishes a soothing feel.
For all the nature lovers out there the sacred heart natural museum is a blessing to view various species of birds, animals, insects and exclusive orchid varieties.
The panoramic view of mother nature is the silent valley viewpoint. The deep valley sends you an awestruck view. The valley which is normally covered with mists soothes both eyes and soul.
On the basis of thrill, one must visit the 5000 ft deep valley located about 5 km from the lake its suicide point. Adventure lovers have a treat of Night Safari at Kodaikanal in which the journey offers one to just observe the flora and fauna closely.
Get to spot bison’s, porcupines, wild boars and several other faunas. this night stay with night safari makes your trip even more unforgettable.
Now the trekkers have an offer of trekking from Kodaikanal to Munnar, Kodaikanal to Ooty and etc between the Mystical valleys, green meadows, hilly slopes, soothing streams and waterfalls, Eucalyptus trees, terrace gardens and flower beds.
The best trekking experience one can afford in Kodaikanal. the trekking takes you deep into the heart of the jungle and through the waterfalls alongside tea plantations.
This paradise of adventure with all its dense valley includes a lot of exciting stuff to do in here.
Now on food the essential which opens up to the best chocolates with bakeries and aromatic coffee.
The spices play a major role to like the Eucalyptus oil, clove, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon etc. from this hill-station. A quiet and peaceful farm-stay at Kodaikanal sounds like a perfect holiday experience.
The stay is blessed with a calm atmosphere and surrounded by flora and fauna, trees and gardens you can just sit back and relax the summer away.

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